About CQ
Elisabete Miranda, Founder and CEO
Elisabete Miranda, President & CEO

Elisabete has said the hardest transition to the US was not language, but the cultural adaptation she had to make.  She has made it her mission to help those who speak different languages, culturally connect with each other.  Her tireless leadership as an innovator has earned her awards and accolades including the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Winning Women, and the SBA New Jersey Minority Person of the Year.

Michael Marsan, Senior Vice President, Operations

Michael is a 20-year veteran of the localization industry serving in both operations and business development leadership roles. His career has been focused on helping clients succeed in global markets. He has lived and worked in South America, North Africa, Europe and Asia, where he has gained first-hand experiences that have helped shape his views on the business of language and culture and how to use those experiences to help his clients.

Alysia Gemma
Alysia Gemma, Director Strategic Initiatives | Office of the CEO

Alysia is a core member of CQ’s management team with more than 20 years of business and management experience working for entrepreneurs. She supports and contributes to the strategic vision of CQ and shares in its entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to her support management skills, Alysia is an event planning prowess, who has handled full-cycle event planning for numerous dignitaries, including former Presidents of the United States!

Dan Milczarski, Director, Process & Technology

Dan has been in the translation and localization industry since 2004. He was the Director of Quality at TransPerfect and as Quality Consultant he helped translation companies meet quality goals including certifications to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and EN 15038. Dan is a process improvement specialist, with a focus on enhancing quality and streamlining workflows. He is an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor and a Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Clio Schils
Clio Schils, Global Director Of Life Sciences

Clio Schils has more than 25 years of experience in the translation industry on both the client and vendor sides. She has held several leadership positions in different organizations, with a focus on the life sciences vertical. For several years, Clio organized and moderated the Life Sciences Business Round Table in the different geographies. In September 2016, she was elected as an Elia board member and in October of 2018 she assumed the role of President of Elia.

Marcel Yang
Marcel Yang, Director Of Production

Marcel has over 8 years of operational experience in the language services industry for healthcare and life sciences. As a cancer survivor, Marcel is passionate about improving people’s lives by improving access, experiences, and outcomes in the healthcare system; to that end, he has designed and implemented innovative approaches for his clients at the project, account, and organizational levels throughout his career.

Joe Didamo
Joe Didamo, Vice President Global Sales

Joe began his career in localization in the mid-1990’s with Berlitz International Organization and has held key strategic sales and sales management executive positions with various Multinational Language Services Providers. Additionally, Joe has a strong background in translation operations, marketing and solutions architecture.

John 'JJ' Doyle
John “JJ” Doyle, Vice President, Client Services

JJ has been in the Localization industry for over 20 years. Most recently he has held leadership positions in sales and operations for some of the largest translation companies in the world. He is passionate about building strong and lasting relationships with his clients.

Alan Vernon, VP of Healthcare Solutions

Alan is a fearless innovative leader with more than 20 years of experience elevating corporate performance and driving profits.  With vast knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Alan has been the driving force behind the development and execution of unique product offerings, and sales & marketing strategies. He truly has a recognized ability to build key relationships.

Denise Bueti, Accounting Manager

Denise brings her numerous years of experience from an entrepreneurial background in the Entertainment and Education industry. She is an avid music aficionado as well as a former performer. Denise is a certified Joseph Pilates Classical instructor and a practicing medicinal herbalist. “If you bring your creative spirit to all that you do, every endeavor becomes your work of art.”

Sandra DiNuzzo
Sandra DiNuzzo, Talent Manager

Sandra is a born-to-be talent hunter. She brings several years of recruitment experience from a fast-paced background in media, retail and technology. Sandra takes pride in forming long-term connections and partnerships with talent and hiring managers. Coming from a Latin American background she is also passionate about culture, inclusion and equality.

Farhanna Sayegh
Farhanna Sayegh, Multicultural Marketing Director

Farhanna has led an extensive marketing career in leadership roles across industries such as healthcare, cosmetics and foods. Her 12+ years in marketing and sales include a wide array of successful global product launches. She’s had the opportunity to drive awareness, market share, rank and distribution for globally recognized brands such as Estee Lauder, French’s Mustard and Kiehl’s. Most recently, Farhanna was able to leverage her retail marketing skills into the healthcare industry to increase patient volume at urgent care centers on the East Coast.