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AI consulting & AI implementation for language services

Cost efficiencies, speed, scalability, consistency, and quality assurance – the reasons for incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your translation tech stack and processes are endless.   Why is this AI evolution taking so long?

Some are concerned with lack of control, fear of unintended consequences, ethical concerns, security risks, privacy concerns, and simply the lack of understanding due to its complexity. Many of these concerns are valid and it all boils down to BALANCE. Finding ways to embrace the advantages, while staying within the bounds of your risk tolerance. The key is finding the right partner who can help identify what that balance means to you . . . and incorporating it into your language technologies and processes. 

Another critical issue with AI is that many language service providers are building on top of older technologies not designed to integrate seamlessly with AI solutions. How data is extracted requires complex custom developments and the processing power for AI algorithms may require substantial investments to scale up computing resources. Finding teams with expertise in both legacy technologies and AI can also be challenging and require a heavy investment in system maintenance. When choosing the right partner for AI-based translations, ensure you aren’t bridging AI with older technology stacks. Too many LSPs invested substantially in their technologies and continue using them to justify the initial expense, even if better alternatives are available. Your alternative is to find an organization that can customize a cost-effective technology stack to meet your end goals. 

Too often AI is a silo outside of regular processes. Keeping AI “manual” poses limitations and problems. In this instance “manual” means your AI tool requires human-controlled processes and your platforms don’t have a direct connection to the AI tool. However, we understand that some industries have good reasons from security concerns to stringent compliance requirements. To address this, we often recommend a plan to periodically evaluate workflows to identify incremental ways where AI can enhance efficiency. The goal of integrating AI as part of your translation ecosystem is to automate repetitive tasks and allow your teams to focus on being strategic and creative. Additionally, this is an important way to ensure the “AI loop” is in play, with the ability to compare its output to real-world outcomes and continuously optimize the model’s performance. 

And of course, AI literacy is crucial for our clients to make informed business decisions to drive innovation and to remain competitive. Your vendors should partner with you and your teams to offer training and workshops, educational resources, demonstrations, case studies, and proof of concept projects to help you improve your AI literacy to ultimately succeed with AI solutions.

CQ fluency’s custom AI solutions

focus on optimizing the balance of human/machine involvement ensuring we meet your timing/budgetary goals while being culturally relevant, driving a high level of linguistic quality, and maintaining security

tailoring an optimal suite of the best technologies

With new AI applications and innovations surfacing at an accelerated pace, CQ fluency continues to educate ourselves about the newest technologies available in the market and assist our customers in tailoring an optimal suite of the best technologies (and change management program) to meet their goals. Our technology roadmap includes the continuous evaluation of potential tools that can plug into our environment – including our content transformation portal CQfluent.

tailored AI use cases: your roadmap to success

Our nimble team at CQ fluency is experienced in consulting on best use cases (considering your risk appetite and goals) to then pilot/scale AI programs without compromising quality. We can apply much of what we’ve learned with other stakeholders (customers, employees, and vendors) to recommend the best use cases for your industry/company. 

risk management process approach

CQ fluency follows a risk management process approach to implementing technology. While AI is a big topic, it needs to be approached smartly and not with rash decisions that could negatively impact our customers (specifically those in regulated industries). CQ fluency is also keeping a close eye on the future of the legal/regulatory oversight of AI – creating policies and procedures in line with ISO 24368-2022, ISO 24027-2021, ISO 38507-2022, and ISO 23894-2023).

life sciences and healthcare

CQ fluency is THE trusted advisor in AI for life sciences and healthcare. In collaboration with our longstanding regulatory partners, CQ fluency advises and supports customers in managing and validating the importance of AI for their industry, whether it is about the acceleration of the regulatory approval process using AI, the application of AI for regulatory proofreading, or addressing relevant guidance, e.g. machine-learning enabled medical devices.  

streamline processes and reduce costs

Many of our AI-based solutions are developed as add-on products/services to offer to customers to further streamline processes or reduce costs. Recent examples include piloting AI-based editing as a layer of our risk and quality control processes. 

we don’t include bias in the outcomes

We understand the need to leverage AI to analyze multilingual data/sentiment trends to help you recognize patterns and make decisions accordingly. However, we also have an AI policy for machine learning to ensure we don’t include bias in the outcomes. This follows the “Guidance on the Application of ISO 14971 to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.” 

thought leadership in language technologies

CQ fluency’s thought leadership in language technologies includes having our own EVP of Process & Technology recently present at a tech conference in Berlin about the many futures of our industry based on decisions we make about AI today.

future-forward insights: Dan Milczarski on AI and technology at the Plunet Summit


Our CQ fluency culture encourages everyone in our organization to experiment, learn, and improve our use of AI technologies with a forum to share those learnings. Our internal testing ensures that we address the reliability and ethical considerations of AI for all use cases. This is done securely without sharing customer data. CQ fluency believes the right AI technology is never a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We combine our human expertise with customized AI-enabled solutions to continuously optimize translation efficiency. Optimizing human involvement in your AI language innovations is where CQ fluency can add the most value! 

providing AI consulting and implementation for language solutions

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