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transcriptions adapted to your industry

We work with subject-matter expert transcriptionists and typists to deliver premier transcription services in 170+ languages.

Our team of transcriptionists are familiar with industry specific terminology, and have native fluency in the languages they are transcribing, accounting for different dialects, accents, and tones.

We ensure you are receiving the highest quality transcription with our robust review and proofreading processes.

We offer a broad spectrum of transcription services for any industry, in any format.

selecting a transcription service

There are three key types of transcription services that we offer based on your need. Whether you require corporate, medical, or pharmaceutical transcripts, CQ fluency preserves your original message with cultural relevance accounted for, across all of our transcription offerings.

verbatim transcription

All elements of the audio content are preserved in this format, including non-verbal communication, such as pauses, interruptions etc. This format reinforces reliability, and is typically used in legal proceedings, interviews, and investigations.

intelligent transcription

Removal of non-standardized language, such as filler words/slang. This format maintains the essence of the text through holistic analysis to determine where edits can be made. This is typically used for corporate/medical contexts.

edited transcription

We analyze and edit the transcription to eliminate grammatical errors or sub-par language quality while preserving the original meaning. This format is suited to formal texts, such as textbooks.

customized transcription services for your project

We understand that transcription is not a one-size-fits all solution. Depending on your project requirements, CQ fluency works with you to develop customized workflows that fit your timeline and your budget.

providing culturally relevant language services in your industry

providing transcription services in 170+ languages

Reach out to learn more about our process and transcription services.