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Accurate Language Translations for Effective Communication | Clio Schils

Clio Schils

Vice President, Life Sciences

With 25+ years of experience in life science translations (both client and supplier side), Clio is responsible for the enhancement of CQ fluency’s life sciences practice.  Her work includes optimizing all resources to provide the highest level of quality and efficiencies for the full scope of clinical translations.  This includes pharmacovigilance, linguistic validation, endpoint adjudication, marketing, eLearning and more.  Clio has helped CQ fluency cultivate worldwide relationships with leaders in the life sciences space including pharma, medical devices, CROs, biotech, academia and more.


While being an interpreter by education, Clio started her career by responding to a vacancy for a project manager for Medtronic. Throughout the years, she managed to master the ropes of what makes this highly-regulated life sciences business so different from other industries.  She is passionate about ensuring patients understand and resonate with life-saving products and therapies in a timely manner.


When attending a Life Sciences Business Roundtable back in 2005 in Germany, a discussion forum of senior medical device and pharma key stakeholders, both her interest was piqued in such a way that she shared her suggestions for future roundtables with the initiator, who then said: why don’t you take over from here? And so, she did for the next 18 years, holding 2 to 3 client forums a year in different geographies.  She also served as President of elia (European Language Industry Association) for two years.


Clio is based in The Netherlands.  Being half-Greek, she enjoys spending time in her vacation home in Greece with her family, taking long walks with dog Nikos and cooking Greek food.


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