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Power Of Automation

our technology

nimbly responding with cutting-edge technology

CQ innovations start with a consultation from our visionary solution architects who use technology to enable your end goal. Consult with CQ fluency on how to safely implement and utilize Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation, and more.

Innovate Automate Connect

translation productivity optimized with CQ fluency’s suite of customized services

Translation productivity is never a “one size fits all” approach. Optimizing human involvement in tech-enabled processes is where we add the most value. We are eager to share our success stories with the world’s largest healthcare organizations to reduce translation costs by up to 60%.

CQ fluency has invested considerably in the research and development of AI, machine translation, process automation and other innovative translation management solutions for our clients. With the evolution of language technology, we have strategically built nimble teams to help you best integrate our evolving platforms to achieve cost, security, speed, scale and quality goals. Our menu of technology solutions work hand-in-hand as part of a larger ecosystem

CQ portal is your gateway to the world

When you integrate with our CQ portal, you are digitally connected to our entire team of experts to securely and efficiently request services and track project status in real-time.

Maximize Productivity

maximize productivity

Integrate your content with a consolidated translation memory database from all your language services vendors to maintain brand consistency and save on repeat translations.

Transparency & Security

increase transparency & security

Track any project and retrieve any file 24/7 with encrypted data transfers.

Language Services for Successful International Events | Simplify Production

simplify production

Get a head start on every translation request with a quicker project submission process as well as automated workflows and communications.

CQ fluency For Customizing Your Language Solutions

connect with CQ and customize your language solutions

Consolidate your translations directly into your process with custom APIs designed to accommodate your precise language needs. By integrating CQ into your workflow, you’ll discover greater opportunities to communicate to your audience.

CQ automation save time and money

Spend less time moving files around and spend more time making key decisions on project success in terms of quality, timeliness, and budget.

Lower Costs

lower costs

With flexible, data-driven automation, we are able to tackle more translations at a fraction of the price.

Faster Turnarounds

faster turnarounds

Efficient, transparent workflows ensure we meet project timelines.

Driving Scale

driving scale

With varying tiers of automation, work with CQ to map out your process to identify where automation can be added with risk mitigation.

innovation to make everything better

Our tech team is continuously identifying process opportunities based on your existing systems. We pinpoint the capabilities needed to better support your goals and uniquely tailor the solution.

Quality Assurance in Language Services - CQ Fluency

5-star rating for linguists

Our technology is designed with built in project scoring and feedback so that we only retain the highest-performing linguists.

Document Creation

document creation

Efficiently manage content development that considers translation and 508 remediation to be personalized, flexible, timely, and compliant.

Language Services for Successful International Events | Simplify Production

connectors/system integrations

Align your key systems to streamline your translation requests so that our platform can scale to your needs.

Increased Business Analytics

increased business analytics

Interactive dashboards and reports to help you visualize the unified data surrounding your language solutions.

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Professional Design Services - CQ Fluency

see how our advanced technology can assist you with your language solutions