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CQ Fluency - Expert Multilingual Solutions Provider

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For over 20 years, CQ fluency has supported comprehensive and customized multilingual solutions for the specific needs of the health and life science industries. We are able to improve lives by removing the language barriers that contribute to health inequity. Ensure your multilingual constituencies are fully engaged with accurate and culturally relevant communication.

Life Sciences Translation Services - CQ Fluency

life sciences

Pharmaceutical/Biotech companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) rely on CQ fluency to deliver complete medical accuracy that is fully compliant with the continually evolving regulatory landscape.

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Health Insurance Localization - CQ Fluency

health insurance

Trusted by the CMS and 50+ health plans to provide compliant, rapid language services for annual enrollment, claims, denials, call center support and more.

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Health And Wellness

health + wellness

Communicate the intricacies connecting physical, mental, and social health with cross-cultural accuracy.

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Medical Devices Language Solutions - CQ Fluency

medical devices

Localize the operation and specifications of your design to guide international suppliers, patients, and professionals alike. Pass strict and constantly evolving registration criteria for your translations while also accounting for cultural differences. Ensure your labeling, marketing, and post-market surveillance materials are compliant.

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Language Support for Various Industries - CQ Fluency

government health agencies

Federal, state, and local agencies around the country rely on our culturally adaptive solutions for Limited English Proficient populations.

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Multicultural Marketing Expertise - CQ Fluency

marketing + advertising

We don’t simply translate content because language is just one part of the overall communication process. We culturally adapt your message to increase audience engagement and your presence within diverse ethnic communities.

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Julia Pérez - Language Specialist at CQ Fluency

every industry deserves to be globally understood

We work with establishments and institutions across multiple categories to provide culturally relevant communications to their global audiences. Our understanding of regulated industries transcends healthcare. Have an opportunity that could use our expertise? Reach out to learn how our translation services can benefit you.

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Food + Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Consumer Goods

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