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the art of mixing translation with creation.

Transcreation adds creativity to the translation process to ensure that the foreign language materials convey the same ideas and capture the same emotions as the source language material.

linguistic expertise

knowledge of both the source language and the target language


thorough knowledge of cultural backgrounds, cultural cues and adaptation techniques

subject matter expertise

deep experience and knowledge of the industries in which they practice such as medicine, healthcare, finance, engineering and law

the difference between translation and transcreation

Translation starts with a source text, transcreation starts with a creative brief. The goal of transcreation is not to simply say the same thing in another language – the goal is to get the same reaction from different audiences.

At CQ fluency, we work with teams of linguists and in-country copywriters who have been specially selected for transcreation projects. As part of our cultural adaptation process, we assess the strength of your messaging for your target markets and make recommendations on how to enhance cultural relevance. This ensures your messages are not simply heard, but understood, by engaging hearts and minds.

preserve the essence of your message in any language

start your journey to cultural connections