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linguistic validation

linguistic validation

linguistic validation matters

Linguistic validation matters. We choose to put the patient before the process, no matter how tight the deadline.

We see the linguistic validation as an essential step, not only to avoid errors, but to ensure the translated text has the fluency of a document written by a native speaker.

Linguistic Validation Matters

linguistic validation for

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clinical outcomes assessments

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patient reported outcomes

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equivalence testing

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supporting patient outcomes

supporting better patient outcomes

In an effort to increase treatment adherence and drive down re-admittance rates, PROs are key to collecting quality information from patients to better understand their views so they may be addressed.

Clinical studies are often compiled by non-specialists without a firm understanding of which outcomes should be included and how the data should be measured. PROs are selected in a very late stage making it challenging to allow for appropriate language adaptations to be made.

Making linguistic validation a priority in your clinical research gives patients and providers a voice and enables you to capture more accurate data in any language.

supporting better patient outcomes

our linguistic validation process at work

CQ fluency’s ISPOR-compliant linguistic validation processes are based on self-correcting iterations that deliver psychometric equivalence. CQ fluency has over 1,500 linguists in our global pool with subject matter expertise in Life Sciences who are experts at minimizing linguistic validation iterations.

back translations

Our back-translation service evaluates and harmonizes meaning across source and target languages to convey the same message and evoke the same reaction. Avoid critical errors and mitigate risks in high-sensitivity translations, such as clinical or legal documents. Our back-translation workflow analyzes and reconciles your translated content to the highest standard.

back translate

why back-translate?

– additional quality and accuracy assurance for your most sensitive projects

– if forward translation is complicated or has associated risk

– satisfy legal and regulatory requirements to verify claims

determine processes

our process

– full reconciliation of your forward translations

– harmonization of forward translations with quality check performed

– back translation of harmonized translation for expert review and final delivery

our linguists

our linguists

– minimum 5 years of demonstrable experience in translation

-bachelor’s degree or higher

– verified clinical expertise

– verified industry references

download our step-by-step guide to effective linguistic validation

delivering accurate language services across all life science verticals

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linguistic validation services

take patients off mute with our linguistic validation services