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phone interpretation

Using a transparent 3-way conversation process, CQ fluency phone interpretation services provide immediate, fluent two-way communication, allowing you to provide outstanding customer service regardless of language differences. Our phone interpretation service offers 24/7 access to a live operator providing personal assistance in 170+ languages. We connect you with interpreters who are familiar with cultural nuances and industry-specific terminology

And no matter the language or time of day, our phone interpretation services are charged at a flat per- minute rate through customized billing.

video remote interpretation

With our secure, user-friendly interface, our high-quality live video platform helps to cultivate personal and cultural connections with medical interpreters.

We provide Video Remote Interpretation solutions in American Sign Language (ASL) plus 20 other languages using a transparent three-way conversation process to provide seamless communication. Our services support a wide range of use-cases, including healthcare provider and patient interactions and customer service centers. Whatever your needs, we help you keep track of your service usage through monthly reporting with custom fields suited to your corporate billing structure.

on-site interpretation

The ability to speak while one is listening requires a very high degree of skill and experience. Our simultaneous interpreters are recruited using a very stringent process that identifies their experience, language skills, and familiarity with the subject matter and terminology in both languages.

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in 170+ languages.

webcast interpretation

Our real-time webcast interpretation services were among the first of its kind. Since 2009, CQ fluency has been connecting conference calls with interpretation services which enable you to communicate with your global audiences while easily overcoming language barriers.


United Nations

“The meeting was a success!! I want to thank you and your team for your collaboration with the meeting. We couldn’t call it an accomplishment without the involvement of your interpreters. Again, thank you and be certain that if we need translation/interpreter services again, you will definitely hear from our Unit.”

providing culturally relevant language services in your industry

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