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training/ e-learning

same educational outcomes, on the same timetable, with the same effort.

Maximize your global, multicultural workforce with e-Learning programs adapted to your brand, and your learners. Our capabilities include:

eLearning authoring

Customization of online training courses across a wide array of topics, including onboarding, skills enrichment and leadership development.

instructional design strategy

Consultation during training conception to develop strategy with a global audience in mind.

translation & localization

Content is not only translated; it is culturally adapted to ensure that all learners are able to achieve the same educational outcomes.


Our team is familiar with customizing the programming tools required for your specific eLearning needs, including for text, illustrations, animations, audio and video.

functional testing

Prior to deployment, applications are tested to make certain they run responsively on key platforms and across numerous networks.

multimedia production

Other multimedia production with expertise in the latest hardware/software for recording and editing, including subtitling, dubbing and voiceovers.

successful multilingual training investments

Native-language training provides a better understanding of the subject matter, allows information to be retained more effectively, and builds a more inclusive work environment.

providing culturally relevant language services in your industry

maximize your global workforce with cultural intelligence