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CQ Fluency - Your Language Solution for Financial Reports | Kelly Marek

Kelly Marek

EVP, Customer-Led Innovation

Building up the CQ fluency Customer Success department, Kelly Marek is an extrovert who is curious about  people and loves solving challenges and impressing people. She partners with many enterprise clients to uncover and anticipate customer challenges or questions.  Her team then proactively provides customized solutions and answers.


Kelly studied foreign languages and wanted to be a translator, but quickly realized she didn’t have any interest in leaving NYC where she has spent most of her life and career.  Her work with large real estate firms included massive logistics work such as tenant relocation initiatives, transformation projects for accounts payable processes and more importantly, operationalize any form of chaos.


She went on to lead account strategy and brought the concept of customer success to a leading language services provider, before it was the norm. With high EQ and a die hard passion for languages and culture, she has helped major Fortune 500 companies deliver incredible localized  experiences to their constituent customers, employees, and regulatory partners.  Managing hundreds of millions of dollars of translation throughput across life sciences, healthcare, retail, finance, hospitality and technology among other industries, she helped improve product management operations providing creative solutions and content along the way.


Kelly is a mom of four who sings, dances, sews and makes chilaquiles. She talks a lot – and listens well. And is always snacking on video calls. Unapologetically.



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