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managed service provider

managed service provider

Our MSP program has a proven track record of delivering successful aggregated translation management for multinational organizations. Unifying all your translation vendors and assets into one platform provides you with the visibility and flexibility needed to support your business growth.

secure, centralized translation management

CQ fluency’s secure, web-based marketplace of approved vendors links your staff with all your valued providers, delivers standardized competitive quotes, aggregates spend, simplifies administration, automates key areas, improves quality, reduces turnaround time and decreases costs. Our work in centralizing multi-vendor Translation Memories ensures previously translated material is unified and consistent, and costs are not redundant. We understand the visibility you need and provide 24/7 real-time status on projects, spend and savings for your translation category.

secure, centralized translation management

our nimbleness is your advantage

We have the entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative nature, knowledge, experience, dedicated personnel, and a proven program management structure to implement our MSP model with little interruption to your continuing operations. The entire deployment including discovery, technology configuration and deployment, contract structure, reporting templates, training, and communication packages for all interested parties and all phases are templated and ready for rapid customization.

streamlined request portal

streamlined request portal

– vendor network managed within one UI, empowering requestors to obtain competitive quotes

– automatic notification of order progress

centralized TMs

centralized TMs

– development of real-time server-based TM repository

– improved quality and consistency

– enhanced efficiency and cost savings

feedback & oversight

feedback & oversight

– feedback and complaint tracking

– KPI / SLA measurement

– corrective action process and training

– automatic QA checks and audit trail

evaluate plan and implement process

reports & invoicing

– powerful reporting capabilities

– easy invoicing system

– historical data and invoice access for procurement

providing culturally relevant language services in your industry

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optimize your translation process

schedule a complementary discover call with one of our dedicated solutions architects to learn more about our technology and process.