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yonel enriquez, vice president of production at CQ fluency

Yonel Enriquez

VP, Production

For 10+ years, Yonel Enriquez held a variety of technical and management positions in the localization industry.  He continuously enhances the capabilities of our production team by optimizing efficiencies, ensuring successful collaboration, adhering to strict quality control processes, complying with regulatory requirements and meeting client SLAs.  His ability to demonstrate calm and optimism in crisis has been a defining characteristic that helps his team tackle any challenge courageously. Prior to working in translations, Yonel developed his leadership skills in the retail and auto industries and is passionate about making employees feel valued, happy and ultimately more productive. 


During his time at CQ fluency, Yonel has been able to successfully ramp up scale by optimizing platforms, processes, automations and top talent.  He is proud of his experiences working in all angles of the localization industry to truly understand every step from start to end.  Yonel earned his degree in computer science, which has empowered him with the ability to design, develop and implement enterprise systems.  This includes his development of a Translation Management System, a secure hub for translating sensitive and confidential content, from infancy to implementation.


Outside of CQ fluency, Yonel enjoys spending time on his boat with his wife and kids.  Any chance he gets you can probably find him in an island in the Caribbean, embracing his pirate spirit. He is proud of his hardworking, middle class immigrant family upbringing.  While born and raised in Miami, he loves sharing that his grandmother and parents raised him with the hard working mentality and to never be outworked by the competition.


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