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CQ Fluency - Breaking Language Barriers in the Tech Industry | Sandra

Sandra DiNuzzo

VP, People

Identifying the best talent for 10+ years, Sandra is a thought leader in Human Resources & Talent Acquisition. Her recruiting experience started in agency staffing working directly with clients across various industries – life sciences, media, consumer goods and retail.


Joining CQ fluency in 2016 was an exciting opportunity based on her personal experiences.  Growing up in the U.S. with immigrant parents, learning English at a young age with limited language resources, Sandra can identify with the barriers that many of our end users face.  During her tenure at CQ fluency, Sandra has spearheaded the growth of the company’s talent strategy, which includes the hiring of a significant diverse workforce for various departments.  Sandra also assists CQ fluency in the growth and development of employees, meeting diversity and inclusion recruitment goals and is responsible for employee experience and employee engagement.


Sandra is passionate about helping people find their careers and creating an inclusive, high performance workplace culture.  Listening has been the most important principle throughout her career journey and has not only established her character, but built strong and lasting relationships with colleagues along the way.  Sandra is a member of Women in Localization and a graduate from Montclair State University with an MBA and concentration in Human Resources Management. When Sandra is not working she enjoys teaching her two young children about their Colombian, Italian and Irish cultural customs and backgrounds, participating on the diversity, equity and inclusion school curriculum committee and sharing a passion for healthy living with her husband!

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