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CQ fluency Working Methodology

what we do

For more than two decades, CQ fluency has been a trusted source for tech/AI-enabled culturally relevant language solutions for highly regulated industries. Our team has a deep understanding of the language challenges companies in these industries face to stay compliant. We leverage our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to improve lives by giving people a chance to be understood and ultimately creating a more accessible, inclusive, and linguistically equitable world.

Professional interpreter assisting a client in a conversation | CQ Fluency


Connect in any language with fast, easy, and stress-free translations.

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Cultural Adaptation | CQ Fluency

cultural adaptation

Effectively communicate meaning and feeling with diverse cultures, races, faiths, and nationalities.

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Transcreation | CQ Fluency


Convey the same emotions as the source for your foreign language materials with the help of expert linguist copywriters.

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Multicultural Marketing Expertise - CQ Fluency

multicultural marketing

Allow your entire target demographic to trust your brand through representation that makes all feel seen and heard.

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Interpretation | CQ Fluency


Leverage our on-site, or telecommunication services to facilitate spoken or signed communications without adding, omitting, or changing messages.

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Translation Asset Management | CQ Fluency

translation asset management

Manage efficient translation operations by establishing and optimizing your glossaries, style guides, translations memories, and more.

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Alternative Formats And Accessibility Services | CQ Fluency


Convert audio to text in any language by subject matter expert transcribers who understand terminology, dialects, and differing voices.

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accessible communication for everyone | CQ Fluency | Web and Technology

web / mobile / multimedia

Flag changes to websites and mobile apps for translation, dubbing, voiceover, and subtitles with proxy-based localization.

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E-learning Localization | CQ Fluency

training / e-learning localization

Maximize your multicultural workforce by addressing cultural nuances so your content is fully embraced by global learners.

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Linguistic Validation | CQ Fluency

linguistic validation

Ensure that your clinical communications are conceptually equivalent across multiple languages through ISPOR-compliant processes.

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Accessibility | CQ Fluency


Accessible PDFs, braille, large print, audio, and ASL to comply with disability guidelines, WCAG and Section 508.

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Managed Service Provider | CQ Fluency

managed service provider

Aggregate all translation providers and translation memories under one system to streamline workflow and reduce cost.

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over 200 languages strong and growing

Work with a combination of handpicked in-country subject matter experts and U.S.-based native speaking linguists to ensure you receive the highest quality translations every time.

hear what our partners have to

Merck, Global Category Lead

“In collaboration with CQ fluency, we have developed and implemented an online marketplace for translation services. CQ is acting in the role of MSP platform provider as well as one of our providers of translation services. CQ has been a key player to us making that happen. They understand the concept of deploying an online marketplace. They have the experience of measuring a global SLA that is capturing the performance of all global and local providers on the platform. And they have succeeded to win business by providing a quality translation service. So far CQ has done a very good job and continues to develop the solution such it delivers to the key promise we made to our company, empowering the end-user to source the best language services they need – based on facts, not opinions.”

Healthfirst, Cultural Diversity: A Catalyst for Innovation and Progress

Healthfirst, Communications Director

“CQ fluency works as part of our team, consistently meeting deadlines and offering communications solutions. There are plenty of translations companies, but CQ’s customer service is the difference.”

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