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cultural adaptation for the global marketplace

cultural communication

CQ is a different way of thinking that blends meaning and feeling to create effective communications that transcend words and engages hearts and minds.

our proprietary cultural checklist

We leverage a checklist to identify cultural red flags that can hinder how well your message resonates with the audience you are trying to reach.

CQ fluency’s holistic approach includes a systematic review of the following cues:

– tone
– images / colors / symbols
– religious / political / gender implications
– food/diets
– level of humor
– sequence of information
– acronyms
– puns or idiomatic expressions
– descriptions medical terms that don’t exist in target language

our cultural adaptation capabilities include

strategic plans and research studies

broad-reach communications

media plans

TV, radio, print, above the line

social media

digital communications

going beyond words to connect hearts and minds

Cultural Intelligence is at our core. The benefit to our clients is what we call our culturally intelligent approach – the knowledge that the way you communicate is fully accepted by your target audience, increasing your organization’s credibility and opportunities in any language or location.

providing cultural adaptation services for

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