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To continue to be a reliable source of translation, interpretation and accessibility services during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are equipped with the technologies and systems for employees to securely work and perform remotely for business as usual. Thank you for your understanding and positivity as we support the health and wellbeing of our people while keeping your services running smoothly.  Please email for any translation requests during off hours and weekends during this time.


Intelligent cultural adaptation for healthcare insurance and life sciences

CQ fluency is a translation services company that specializes in cultural adaptation for the healthcare insurance and life science industries, in over 170 languages. We facilitate real connections and true cultural understanding between people who don’t speak the same language.

At CQ fluency, we customize the translation, adapt your message to the specific audience you want to communicate with, and ensure your message is not just heard, but understood. Our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) blends both meaning and feeling to create effective communications that transcend words and engage hearts and minds.

We Work in Your Industry.

Every industry is different, and those differences get multiplied across languages and cultures. We know that even the smallest error or missed cultural insight can hurt revenues and destroy brand reputations. In the delicate world of healthcare, the negative results of those errors can be compounded even further.

That’s why we offer cultural adaptation solutions tailored to your industry. Do you want to get a step ahead on your competition?

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We’re Fluent in Over 170 Languages.  Now, So Are You.

Because we’re fluent in over 170 languages, you can access potential customers and speak to them in their language.

We facilitate real connections and true cultural understanding when you and your audience don’t speak the same language. You create effective communications; we adapt them to fit naturally within cultural context. All without accidentally saying something that turns your ad, or website into a bad meme, for example.

We’re not just translation experts, we’re culture experts.

See the languages we (and you) speak.

Beyond Documents – Fulfilling All Your Translation Needs.

Beyond document translation, CQ fluency helps communicate your message through multi-media, web, phone, and just about anywhere else you need to make sure you accurately translate your message.

We also have special expertise in accessibility and can assist you in navigating the challenges of Section 508/WCAG2.0 compliance.

Our services include:

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