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health + wellness

accounting for the cultural nuances in individual health and wellbeing

We have always made health equity a priority. CQ fluency is committed to improving lives by facilitating effective healthcare communication which empowers people to make the best decisions about their health.

understanding diverse patient journeys

We partner with health and life sciences clients to connect with patients across the globe through tailored messaging and linguistically accessible health information.

Our work takes into account the cultural dimensions which impact how people look after their health, and the social determinants which influences their access to care.

– Patient and caregiver journeys that differ across cultures
– Identifying the environments they frequent
– Assessing risk for non-adherence

Multicultural Advisory & Support Services

– Culturally-adapted informational tools

– Appropriately address health perceptions to drive long-term adherence

– Identify best channels for reinforcing adherence behaviors

– Explore unique patient assistance programs

– Offering 24/7 phone interpretation

multicultural dimensions of adherence

Patient adherence is vital to strong health outcomes and consistency in care. Achieving adherence requires an understanding of the factors that impact how a patient approaches their care, and how accommodations can be made to foster a sense of understanding and trust between patient and provider.

health system

-perceived discrimination
-higher copayments


-lack of ethnically-based social support
-poor prescription instruction


-approach to self management
-use of complementary and alternative medicine


-complexity with comorbidity
-increased fear of side effects

socio– economic

-lower health literacy
-burdensome work schedules

providing culturally relevant language services in your industry

facilitating good health and wellbeing through cultural connections