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Multicultural Marketing

multicultural marketing

the power of multicultural marketing insights

Localizing your product or service into different markets requires more than simply translating your content. CQ fluency takes into account the cultural values of your target market to assess the best strategy for your global success.

We have the know-how to ensure your message and brand connects with your audience the way you intended, by leveraging trained copywriters and in-country linguists who understand global marketing and the cultural nuances of your target audience.

Expand your marketing efforts to diverse groups by harnessing the power of multicultural market research solutions.

Achieve Cultural Adaptation through Transcreation | CQfluency

our marketing solutions

To carry out effective strategies, we support your marketing teams with market research solutions that monitor and provide valuable insight into the audiences you are trying to connect with.

strategic plans and research studies

qualitative research

Cultural Differences: CQ prevents cross cultural differences in survey responses that may skew data and we aim for a more comfortable experience for the end user

Multicultural Marketing Solutions | CQfluency
Target Diverse Audiences with Multicultural Marketing | CQfluency
social listening

social listening

Collection of unstructured data for opportunity detection such as social media posts and survey responses. Our strategic search includes key terms & potential linguistic variants to capture culturally accurate data about your target market.

survey translation

survey translation

Our questionnaires and surveys are culturally adapted by in-country translators and proofreaders. We incorporate local norms, idioms and vernaculars that are critical to full comprehension and meaningful conclusions.

Expert Multicultural Marketing Services | CQfluency
Unlock Growth Potential with Multicultural Marketing | CQfluency
data mining

data mining

Our technology enables us to gather and analyze large volumes of data/text to extract meaningful content, such as interviews or surveys. Our data mining workflows are fully customizable and adaptable to procure rich information about your target markets.

multilingual SEO consulting

multilingual SEO consulting

Our large network of subject-matter-expert linguists can supply keyword research in each market. Leveraging their understanding of local search behavior, culture and language, our team ultimately supplies you with direct translations for each of your source-language search words, the local/cultural equivalent and viable alternatives for each market. We consider all search engines that are prominent in your target markets and provide assistance with URLs.

Enhance Brand Awareness through Multicultural Marketing | CQfluency
Effective Multicultural Marketing Campaigns | CQfluency

capturing accurate market data for any demographic

Removing language barriers from your research initiatives opens you up to a global network of potential markets.

Our research services can help your organization truly understand the unique cultural, linguistic and technical requirements of your multi-cultural target audience.

From surveys to virtual focus groups, CQ fluency can manage your entire research project or closely partner with your third party research agencies. We understand what is required to help our clients attain better results in the global marketplace or among the increasingly diverse domestic market.

developing creative multicultural marketing strategies

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