Culturally intelligent translation services for healthcare and life sciences

CQ fluency is a translation company that specializes in culturally adapting communications for the healthcare and life science industries, in over 150 languages. We facilitate real connections and true cultural understanding between people who don’t speak the same language.

Our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) blends both meaning and feeling to create effective communications that transcend words and engage hearts and minds.

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CQ Services

CQ fluency offers a range of services tailored to the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries. Some of the services we provide include:

CQ Solutions

Our solutions are tailored specifically to specific business functions in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries. We offer solutions in the following areas:


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Our mission is to help you engage and connect with your audience in a culturally sensitive and meaningful way so your communication can achieve its goal of changing behaviour.

We have experts across the world who can help you communicate, not only across languages, but more importantly across cultures.

For over 14 years our team has helped companies develop multicultural communications programs for projects ranging from from medical devices to health insurance, helping improve quality of life for people around the world.

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