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Introduction To Cultural Adaptation

An Introduction to Cultural Adaptation

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a guide to effective multilingual training and communications in healthcare

This eBook will teach you everything you need to know in depth about the process of Cultural Adaptation. From cultural theory to adaptation in practice, we’ve included practical examples, case studies and more to provide you with the information you need in order to understand exactly how the process works, and the impact that it can have when successfully implemented.

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Cultural Adaptation - A diverse group of people working together in a modern office environment.

our e-book contains

  • lessons on how changes in content and message can have a huge impact.
  • insights from cultural theorists on what drives cultural differences.
  • examples of how the biggest names in Pharmaceuticals culturally adapted, preventative healthcare campaigns.
  • proof cultural adaptation yields increased engagement and training success across the globe.
  • guides on how to leverage your cultural know-how and put it to work in your organization.

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Our teams of cultural specialists consult with you to give a holistic understanding of cultural adaptation and how to best leverage this e-Book to enhance your cultural intelligence.