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why using a single vendor for translation and 508/WCAG 2.0 compliance is best

Like the universe, healthcare is rapidly expanding.

More and more players enter the market and for every new player hundreds of new vendors follow. A growing range of solutions can create confusion and additional work. Why add more to manage to the already overflowing task list on your desk?

why centralize?

There are clear advantages to a centralized process with one vendor for translation services and 508 Compliance.

shortened delivery times

September 30! The CMS deadline for delivering vital plan documents to your members.  With shortened production times and last minute changes from CMS it is very difficult to deliver the English versions on time let alone the translated and 508 compliant versions.  Utilizing one experienced vendor with translation and 508 compliance capabilities will shorten delivery times and help you maintain compliance with CMS.

cost savings

Time is money and working with a vendor that knows your company, your product and services, and manages your translation memory will have a solid understanding on what is needed to ensure you are 508 compliant.

vendor takes more responsibilities

More responsibility equals more accountability. When working with multiple vendors accountability can become a gray area and increases the possibility of error.

quality control

Managing multiple teams, style guides and glossaries can get messy.  You risk inconsistency and errors in translation as well as 508 non-compliance working with multiple vendors. When selecting a vendor with a good translation memory tool as well as a firm understanding of 508 compliance you know your project is in good hands.

saves time in the procurement phase

We all do it, compare vendors to find the most suitable but who has the time to do that for each and every project? If you have a great vendor – stick with them.

it’s easier!

One phone number, one contact, one invoice; logistically and practically, it’s just easier dealing with one vendor.

partner with CQ fluency as your translation vendor

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