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switching to CQ fluency

switching to CQ fluency

switching providers doesn’t have to be a headache

Are you eager to switch your language services provider, but not sure where to start? Avoid the headaches associated with switching provider by selecting CQ fluency as your trusted translations partner.

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put the weight of change on our shoulders

Switching to award-winning CQ fluency isn’t going to be as cumbersome as you think with our team’s focus on customer satisfaction. Here’s how we’ll support your transition.

  1. Once you send us your previously translated documents, we will develop your TM (Translation Memory) based on previous work.  We’ll also review it and provide feedback for immediate and ongoing optimization.
  2. We can also reach out to your existing Language Service Provider to try to obtain the necessary assets.
  3. Your CQ team will set up your CQ portal account so that you can have access to the files and metrics you need.
  4. Kick our relationship off with complimentary consultations with one of our solutions architects to set you up for process/technology success from day one!
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welcome to CQ fluency!

If you have any questions about our partnership (or anything else we can do to help with your multicultural needs), please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

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