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Breaking Language Barriers for Global Business Success

taking pride in work: Jenny’s curiosity and innovative spirit helps CQ fluency be a Great Place To Work!

Improving lives is part of the CQ fluency mission. We take that commitment seriously – while also infusing fun, free thinking, and taking pride in our work. It’s an approach we’ve found to be effective in creating a great place to work for our fellow staff members, the culture for our vendors, and the products we develop for our clients. The high level of pride in our work means we are constantly discussing how we can do things better, and leading many of these conversations is our very own Yevheniya (Jenny) Krstevski.

alignment in personal and company values creates natural synergy

Jenny is CQ fluency’s Senior Automation Engineer. Originally from Ukraine, Jenny loves to travel, likes working with kids, goes out of her comfort zone to learn new things, is not afraid to speak up, and takes pride in the work she makes. In true CQ fluency fashion, she speaks multiple languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, French, and Spanish!). She also works with all sorts of new technologies. Technology in the translation and localization industry is constantly changing. Like languages and cultures, our technology learns and evolves as we adapt to it.


We recently chatted with Jenny for deeper insights on her journey from production to technology and how she’s growing her career and the expansion of our language services. 

CQ fluency encourages individuals to implement their unique passions into the work that they do, which is one of many things that makes us a great place to work. It’s easier done than said when your passions are the same beating heart that makes CQ fluency thrive. Jenny’s love of languages and helping our clients develop a strong global footprint is reflective of our company values – and her own.

Jenny developed an interest in languages at a very young age. Her linguistics story starts in Ukraine, with her mother teaching her the English language at just three years old. Curious for more, Jenny learned German and French during her schooling in Ukraine. Once she entered college in Cardiff, UK, she decided to study Spanish. It was once she found herself working at a summer camp in the U.S. in 2009 that she discovered her love for New York.

“I was working just outside of New York. When I went back to Europe I was like, Wow, I love the city. If I ever get a chance, I want to come and live here.

A love of language, a penchant for city living, and a proclivity for helping others created the ideal trifecta for Jenny to lend her talents to CQ fluency.

“I studied French, German and Spanish for my Bachelor’s Degree. I graduated with Masters in Translation Studies from Cardiff University, Wales, in 2013. I also love traveling and seeing different cultures and being able to talk to people in their languages. So that’s what kept me going and learning languages. And because I like improving and learning new things, I was led to the tech career side. Technology improves the lives of others, but language can create barriers in developing and accessing technology that has the potential to initiate real change. I realized I could be the link between the two.”

CQ’s flexibility, employee friendliness, and openness to train staff in a wide array of fields served as a supportive backdrop for Jenny’s well-traveled lifestyle and career. It was an easy fit, given our mutual commitment to diversity. Passion and drive like Jenny’s are keys to success in making our company shine.

new ideas flourish when you speak up and often

Speaking up is a form of honesty. It builds trust and transparency in a workplace where there are opportunities for growth, both for yourself and those around you. Your voice can help define the value you bring to your organization. For Jenny, honesty isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also a direct path toward new ideas and innovative results.

“When I found out my former employer had a main office in New York City, I asked my manager at the time if I could go there for a few months. I got the okay, went to the New York office – and met my now-husband during my travels. I was in my mid-20s and had reached the point where I was wondering what is next for me. So that’s what I did, and I ended up changing the entire discourse of my life. But I had to leave after three months and go back to London. We kept the conversation going, then I ended up moving back to the U.S. in June that year, this time for good. But I never would have reached that point had I not spoken up and tried something different.”

Jenny’s honesty with herself about her skills and ambitions allows her to make innovation a habit and take opportunities as they come (and even create a few opportunities herself). Case in point: her journey into technical roles.

“At my former employer, I volunteered to be our team’s tech person, which was a very minor role. So I was trained in real time to do some tech editing for our team. I think I got into the tech side because of my desire for challenges, being able to help others and learning. It was something new I wanted to try, and when I saw our team needed it, I spoke up and went for it.”

Taking pride in work and using your voice to convey your perspective creates unexpected possibilities. You never know where your next idea or opportunity will come from.

change is the only constant – embrace, learn, and evolve

Change can push people outside of their comfort zone. But change is inevitable, and resistance can mean backward progress. Leaning into change takes practice. It doesn’t always come naturally to be forward-thinking and curious about new concepts and technologies. But Jenny consciously tries to make change a habit, and in doing so, she is more resilient when change is necessary.

“Practice makes perfect! At CQ fluency, we always do the best we can at the time, as well as update and improve it as we learn more. Things constantly change and we need to keep adapting to stay successful and evolve.”

While Jenny commits to learning in the moment and solving today’s challenges, she’s also constantly looking toward the future. When asked where she sees our technology in three years, she replied: “I don’t think we’re even at the tip of what is possible.”

Specializing in automation, Jenny envisions automated custom solutions as well as automation in internal operations. “Automation will certainly play a role in production as well as managing projects more efficiently.”

CQ fluency is constantly looking for ways to evolve. If you don’t, opportunities will be lost and playing catchup becomes nearly impossible.

people make CQ fluency a Great Place to Work!

CQ fluency is taking pride in work and making quality a top priority. Our employees are as diverse as the clients we serve with language services around the world, and we embrace what makes each of us unique. That’s part of what has earned us the Great Place to Work certification!

Jenny’s infectious curiosity and drive for innovation inspire the rest of us to rise above, try new things, and make learning a part of everyday life. As we grow, we’re able to help our clients do the same – and that’s something to celebrate.

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