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CQ Fuency Celebrate LGBTQ Pride And Pride Month EveryDay

celebrating LGBTQ+ pride and pride month

overcoming adversity in leaps and bounds

Society’s willingness to embrace diversity has drastically shifted over the course of time. From the first American settlers fleeing their home country to form their own in the name of religious freedom to African Americans fighting for basic human rights, countless individuals have given everything from their spare time to their lives to gain acceptance within the greater community.

Celebrating LGBTQ Pride And Pride Month

Why does LGBTQ+ Pride Month exist?

This month is dedicated to recognizing the impact LGBTQ+ individuals have had across the nation and the world. It is an awareness month steeped deeply in history, honoring a pivotal turning point for the LGBTQ+ community: The Stonewall riots in Manhattan in 1969, which brought rise to the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States.

On the morning of June 28, 1969, New York City police raided a popular gay bar in Greenwich Village known as the Stonewall Inn at 43 Christopher Street. Though they had probable justification for the raid—the bar was serving liquor without a license—it was not all that unusual for the police to frequently target gay clubs during that time.

As officers callously shoved some drag queens into a police van, a Black transgender woman named Marsha Johnson threw a shot glass at the police. A massive brawl quickly ensued, and ultimately kicked off several days of rioting and protesting in the streets.

That singular moment in time spearheaded by Marsha and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy will forever be known as the “shot glass heard around the world.” It was the catalyst for numerous demonstrations for gay, lesbian and bisexual civil rights that took place throughout New York shortly after, the first significant demonstration in the name of LGBTQ+ rights in history.

CQ fluency Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride and Pride Month Every Day

In the words of CQ fluency CEO, Elisabete Miranda, “Our business is diversity and inclusion.”

Diversity and inclusion are built into the nature of what we do. Without our commitment to diversity, we couldn’t thrive the way we do today as a company. We would not be able to bring people together with the unique skills we offer our clients. From day one, our goal has not just been to offer translation and cultural adaptation services, but to promote acceptance, empathy, inclusion and understanding among people who don’t share the same backgrounds or languages.

Diversity and inclusion are encouraged and celebrated in all aspects of our organization. From promoting an environment where our employees can feel comfortable being themselves, to actively seeking to work with other organizations who share our values on diversity and inclusion, diversity and inclusion are values we express as part of daily lives.

During Pride Month, and on every other day of the year, we are proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community and to promote our mutual messages of diversity and inclusion and to work towards a better tomorrow for all.

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