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CMS releases draft of the 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

what the update tells us

CMS has proposed an important update to the chapter 3 of the Medicare Marketing Guidelines regarding the Summary of Benefits. Here is the proposed guideline:

“Beginning CY 2017, HPMS will no longer generate the SB. Plans/Part D Sponsors must develop their own SB based on their bid data in HPMS and within the parameters of CMS’ upcoming SB guidance. The required data elements for the SB will be provided in the SB guidance memo. Plans/Part D Sponsors must include the SB when providing an enrollment form and upon an enrollee’s request.”

This new guideline may add additional time to the production of the Summary of Benefits due to unfamiliarity with the new process which could result in some plans missing the September 30th deadline for delivery of the Summary of Benefits.


CQ fluency is here to help!

We understand the challenges MA plans face finalizing documents for the Medicare Advantage Annual Election Period (AEP) and we have structured our business to help our MA plan clients through this challenging time. We bring on additional staff to ensure quality assurance; we put off-hour and weekend project management personnel in place to help with emergencies and we add to our in-house DTP support team.

CQ fluency has developed streamlined processes and highly specialized teams of linguists familiar with MA plan documents and terminology which means we can quickly deliver quality documents that communicate clearly to Limited English Proficient members. We work closely with our clients to help with any last minute changes to ensure they are submitting the most up-to-date version for CMS approval and we deliver documents within easily managed time-frames to ensure CMS deadlines are met.

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