Training Material Translation and Cultural Adaptation Services

In today’s globalized economy, the availability of training materials and internal information in local language is no longer a nice-to-have, but a key component in building your competitive advantage in each and every market. Our CQ Global Training services are designed to improve learning outcomes and successfully engage your multilingual audiences.

At CQ fluency we don’t just translate your training materials into another language. We culturally adapt training materials to align them to the preferences and learning styles of other cultures. To ensure that all learners are able to achieve the same educational outcomes, on the same timetable, with the same effort, our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) advantage blends both meaning & feeling to create effective communications that transcend words and engage hearts & minds.

Focus on Global Training

CQ fluency has a core team dedicated to helping organizations adapt their training programs to trainees’ culture and language specific learning techniques. Our proprietary training globalization methods include a thorough analysis of cultural, linguistic, regulatory & legal contexts. Whether it is for soft or hard skills, eLearning courses, staff training, sales & customer service courses, etc., your organization will receive expert assistance in selecting the best approach to adapt your training programs.

Cultural Analysis

Failing to address cultural differences when introducing training programs into the global market – online or classroom – may lead to financial losses, alienation of learners and partners as well as ineffective learning outcomes. Adapting learning materials to a new language & culture goes far beyond typical localization – myriad differences in the way individual cultures communicate and learn must be addressed as part of the process. Our tools are designed within the cultural dimensions theory framework to detect any potential training/localization gaps. They also review any potential cultural faux-pas in terminology, graphics and colors that could distract your team’s learning experience.

Instructor-Led Training

Successful class instruction requires three elements to be in place:

  • The content must be compelling
  • The instructor needs to be engaging
  • The audience needs to connect with all of the above

In order for your investment in training to be effective and efficient in every market where you operate, it is imperative that the content takes into account the cultural nuances of your audience. We also have the cultural expertise to advise you on instructor selection criteria such as familiarity with the culture, gender preference, subject-matter expertise and presentation style.

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Localization Training in Action!

The Kauffman Foundation– devoted to advancing entrepreneurship as one of the fundamental aspects of life in the United States—came to us because they needed a proven resource to help them extend training and education materials into Spanish-speaking communities and countries.

FastTrac TranslationTheir FastTrac programs are an important part of a wide range of learning resources developed with the help of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs who have shared their knowledge, insights, and stories. They wanted to make sure that the content, the intent and the inspirational messaging translated successfully to different audiences.

The challenge for us was to localize the translation of training materials designed for an American, English speaking audience and culturally adapt the meaning and feeling of the content for the Hispanic audience. Additionally, the message had to reach several different countries and cultures of Spanish dominant entrepreneurs. While they essentially shared one language, the cultural nuances, were vastly different and needed to be taken into account.

Rather than working in silos, our approach was to deploy a team comprised of linguists with both language expertise and who were from each country the training materials needed to reach. The team worked together to provide consistency to the materials we needed to localize. In addition to translation, our linguists collaborated on finding cultural solutions. For example, there was a chapter dedicated to the importance of hiring the best talents in the market instead of hiring family members. The challenge is that several Hispanic entrepreneurs open businesses to work with their families. The recommendation was to change the content to include the importance of ensuring the relatives’ skillsets match the business if family members are hired. Our team also made recommendation for proper imagery, cultural-friendly terminology and other cultural nuances sure to be noticed by the target populations. The entire team reported into one editor which was very crucial in maintaining consistency, staying on schedule and facilitating communication of best practices between team members.

The result was completely culturally adapted materials designed to provide entrepreneurial training to the Hispanic populations in multiple countries including Spain. We developed printed documents as well as Desktop Published assets. We also provided the Client with a full report detailing the methods we used to culturally adapt the materials with a rationale for why each method was implemented.
The project was so successful that we have since collaborated with Kauffman on six additional localization projects…and counting.

CQ Care Culture

A recent translation industry survey revealed that 59% of North American and 77% of European translation buyers’ main reason for leaving a vendor is poor customer service. At CQ fluency, you matter – we will not let you go! We build and nurture relationships based on our commitment to service and a fun-loving attitude! In fact, we recently received an “Outstanding” rating in a customer feedback survey commissioned by the US Government’s General Services Administration.

You Matter! We Listen! We Care!

We will make you look and sound good anywhere, in any language. CQ fluency provides you with a full suite of services and global capabilities to deliver flawless, end-to-end planning in a unique project team approach accompanied by our trademark CQ Care Culture.

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