Video Remote Interpretation Patient using language/interpretation services for telemedicine

CQ fluency’s Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) provides an affordable alternative to on-site and over the phone interpretation with instant face-to-face video communication with a linguist who not only clarifies messages verbally — but also leverages their CQ (Cultural Intelligence) to pick up on and convey the meaning of non-verbal cultural cues.

With the rise of telemedicine, and a growing senior LEP demographic of over 5 million in the U.S., ensuring that digital methods for receiving important health information are linguistically accessible is vital. In circumstances involving linguistic and accessibility barriers, we understand that finding the resources required to secure an on-site interpreter becomes challenging, such as time and budgetary constraints.

Our VRI service is an excellent solution for overcoming those challenges and mitigating many of these risks through:

  • On-demand, secure and remote access to medical interpreters with no prior scheduling required, reducing wait times and providing high quality care in minutes from any device 24/7
  • Unique accuracy for visual cues including facial expressions and body language – compared to OPI.
  • Accessible communication that meets Federal civil rights laws protecting those who need it, such as limited English proficient (LEP) communities and those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Service Features:

With our secure, user-friendly interface, our high-quality live video platform helps to cultivate personal and cultural connections with medical interpreters. We provide Video Remote Interpretation solutions in American Sign Language (ASL) plus 20 other languages using a transparent three-way conversation process to provide seamless communication. Our services support a wide range of use-cases, including healthcare provider and patient interactions and customer service centers. Whatever your needs, we help you keep track of your service usage through monthly reporting with custom fields suited to your corporate billing structure.

Additional features include:

  • Quick-start guides to distribute to your teams
  • On-demand connection to a VRI interpreter in ASL plus 20 additional languages & OPI into 170+ languages
  • Language identification service
  • Functions with any standard web-browser
  • Chat function for sharing in-language written instructions
  • User-friendly interface providing high quality video and audio feeds
  • Secure, encrypted private network
  • Video services compliant with HIPAA guidelines


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