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italian language translations

italian language translations

translating the complexities of the italian language

The Italian language is steeped in history, and while it’s spoken mainly in Europe, its global allure makes it a well-known and oft-used tongue for world travelers.

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the story of italian

The Italian language is one of the five main “Romance” languages, meaning to speak in the Roman fashion. Its origin is a mix of Florentine and Latin, and can be heard spoken not just in its homeland of Italy, but in Switzerland, Slovenia, and onto the African continent into countries like Libya and Monaco, just to name a few.

The dialects, much like the country, can be split into their own subcultures based on the north, central, and southern areas of Italy. With so many tweaks, so many minor differences in how each Italian speaker enunciates or expresses words and phrases inside the same language, it’s essential to translate not just words, but feelings and emotions.

Italian is the twenty-third most used language in the world, with some 59 million native speakers. Whether it be the dialect or the sheer volume of global speakers communicating in Italian, it’s imperative for those in the marketplace to translate written Italian correctly the way CQ fluency does.

Parli Italiano
the story of italian

Blending meaning and feeling to create effective communications

Going beyond words is what sets CQ fluency apart, That’s why so many in need of translation services put their trust in the provided services. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when looking to hit your target audience not just through words but through cultural adaptation, let CQ fluency take the reins.

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