Medical Devices: Technology with cultural precision

Getting much-needed medical devices to international markets can be a long and tedious process. At CQ fluency, we specialize in precision navigation of the highly complex. We identify and successfully address all the hurdles especially those that deal with submissions and labeling of devices and cultural competence.

In any language, all medical and biotechnical communications are:

  • Consistent with the needs of health care providers
  • Understandable to patients wherever the devices are used
  • Properly labeled
  • Conformed to global and local government regulations


Our diverse team includes over 1,500 certified medical translators and editors, many with MD qualifications and advanced biomedical and/or engineering degrees.

They work hand in glove with localization engineers to guarantee that manufacturers of medical devices address the linguistic and cultural needs of foreign language markets.

Our ISO 9001 and 17100 certified quality control systems were designed to fulfill the exact standards of the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Finally, our CQ Quality Care customer service ensures that getting a medical device to any market is a smooth and streamlined process. Are you prepared for the new European Union regulations for medical devices and in vitro devices? Click here to learn more.

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