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The United States has always been known as “the melting pot,” however today we are at a cultural tipping point. The U.S. Census predicts that today’s dominant population will be the minority by 2043.  The numbers speak for themselves: the multicultural marketplace within the U.S. has an estimated buying power of over 1.3 trillion dollars, and this number will only continue to grow as our population continues to diversify.  There is a clear trend in the data over the last two decades, with more people are classifying themselves as multicultural or ethnic.  There are a variety of reasons for this trend, partially due to the changing attitudes towards interracial marriages along with the steady growth of Asian and Hispanic immigrants.

With today’s fusion of nationalities in the US, the need to communicate effectively with people from diverse cultures, races and faiths has increased exponentially.

Whether it’s introducing your brand or services, working within ethnic communities on a grassroots level or managing multi-lingual PR campaigns, our multicultural experts ensure your communication engages the diverse audiences, regardless of language or location. To achieve that, we don’t simply translate content because language is just one part of the overall communication process. What we do is culturally adapt your message to increase audience engagement and your presence within ethnic communities in the US.

Our multicultural marketing services have been developed by strategic planning experts who come from the Multicultural advertising industry. Our process involves an in-depth analysis of the product, its prospects and position in the marketplace.

Armed with this important knowledge, we then culturally adapt both internal and/or external marketing communications. This cultural adaptation facilitates clear strategic direction to global agency partners and vendors, as well as deeper cultural connections with the intended target audience.

Our end-to-end adaptation process ensures you have a product that is culturally relevant from a strategic, visual and linguistic standpoint.

Our cultural adaptation capabilities include:

  • Strategic Plans and Research Studies
  • Media Plans
  • Broad-reach Communications
  • TV, Radio, Print, Above the Line
  • Digital Communications
  • Web and Mobile Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Social Networks
  • Community Management


Our model is flexible allowing us to work directly with brands, marketing agencies, research companies, production companies and design firms.

With proficiency in over 150 languages, we have the capability to put almost any message in the right context.

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