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Power Of Automation

simple translations at scale with CQfluent

Global audiences expect you to meet them where they are with high quality, culturally-relevant communications. Now you can meet more of them using CQfluent.


CQfluent empowers healthcare, life science and legal professionals with the autonomy to translate more and spend less with an easy to use, seamless to connect, safe and secure platform powered by industry-leading technology.

accurate neural machine translation

Custom trained neural machine engines deliver quality translations with correct terminology and style.

enhanced by generative AI

Additional context provided through our new generative AI tool ensures relevance and enhanced accuracy.

with optional human post-editing

Send sensitive machine translated texts directly to our professional linguists to mitigate risk.

CQ fluency For Customizing Your Language Solutions

uninterrupted workflows with seamless connectors

We are passionate about having a positive impact on every life that we touch –  that’s why CQfluent connects directly to any system with custom APIs designed to accommodate existing processes, allowing users to integrate translation without disrupting their workflow . Unlock greater opportunities to communicate with your global audiences with CQfluent .

Lower Costs

gain visibility on your spend

Transparent reporting allows clients to track spend by user, department or business unit.

Faster Turnarounds

decrease turnaround times

Lightning fast machine translation and streamlined workflows ensure you meet project timelines.


do more with your budget

Budget-friendly subscription tiers and intuitive features enable users to increase their output and connect with more audiences.

flexible and future-proof

Our core operating values encourage us to be curious and innovative, which is why we design all of our technology products nimble and adaptable to changing trends in the market. As we’re going through a moment of incredible technological advancement, our technology team is cognizant that it’s not enough to rest on our laurels with an industry-leading product.  CQfluent has a robust feature development pipeline, which means it’s constantly improving and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

translate multiple languages at once

Save time by selecting several target languages concurrently.

upload multiple files of any type

Zip or batch upload files, and simply download the files when complete.

rate outputs and save history

Continuously improve your instance by rating the output. Revisit projects by saving your history.

Professional Design Services - CQ Fluency

let’s talk about how CQfluent can help you scale and save on translation