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live webinar recording

How to Foster Trust and Increase Efficacy in
Clinical Trials through Diversity

The success of clinical trials hinges on fostering trust among participants and maximizing efficacy in research outcomes. By embracing diversity in trial design, participant recruitment, and engagement strategies, researchers can cultivate trust within underrepresented communities, mitigate disparities in healthcare access, and enhance the generalizability of findings.

On May 21, 2024, CQ fluency, in partnership with Black Women in Clinical Research, hosted a live webinar with Danielle Mitchell, founder & CEO of Black Women in Clinical Research; Gayna Whitaker, President & CEO of Genesis Medical Research Group, LLC; and Ramona Burress, Global Head of Patient Engagement & Insights at Takeda’s Center for Health Equity and Patient Affairs.

Watch how they discussed leveraging diverse perspectives to promote inclusivity and enrich the scientific process by uncovering nuances in treatment responses across diverse populations.