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why is it so difficult to translate chinese?

Even the Chinese government knew its language was difficult to learn, and in the middle of the twentieth century began to simplify its written characters. While newer generations are now using the Simplified version, areas like Taiwan and Hong Kong – the latter city is home to more than seven million residents – still use Traditional Chinese characters.

To make matters more complicated, the spoken language in Hong Kong is, by and large, Cantonese, while in Taiwan it’s Mandarin, but both use the traditional written language, while Singapore and most of mainland China write with newer, simplified characters.

In the United States, where translation services are often needed, the specific Chinese language variants used typically depend by region and where those that live in the region immigrated from.  It is absolutely critical to understand the culture as CQ fluency does in order to translate the language properly.

One last wrench in the learning process: The written Chinese language is logographic, meaning words are conveyed in symbols, not letters the way many other world languages are communicated. There can be multiple symbols for different words but have the same spoken word.

importance of cultural translations

Knowing how to target and help a culture – not just a language – is paramount.. We deliver Chinese translations in multiple dialects, along with traditional and simplified versions of the world’s most widely spoken language – and we know when to use each!

We are experts in both language and culture, ensuring an accurate Chinese translation every time.  This means more effective communication, resulting in improved healthcare and ultimately savings for the providers with greater consumer compliance to policy and/or guidelines.

providing culturally relevant language services in your industry

providing holistic chinese language services

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