Automating your translation processes for claims/appeals & grievances can help reduce risk of human error, reduce costs and reduce turnaround times. The CMS has heightened auditing of translated Automated Member Communications, including claims and denials processes, ensuring total and accurate translation of all documentation. With severe penalties for non-compliance, you can’t afford to cut corners with translating electronic claims and denials.

Our dynamic and highly adaptable automated workflow make life easier for your teams by:

  • leveraging automation to prep/move files
  • automated quality checks and auto-delivery for documents
  • overall suite of language technology that reduces risk of human error
  • reducing turnaround times and costs by 25%
  • optimizing front-end processing with our proprietary automation workflows and QA checklists
  • technology framework already in place, to quickly customize your multilingual claims/denials process.

We seamlessly and quickly customize your multilingual claims/denials translation process based on your needs, reducing turnaround times by 25%. This includes leveraging various levels of A.I. based on the client’s comfort level. As an exclusive translations vendor to the CMS, we deliver accurate, compliant translations for 50+ health plans.

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