Cultural adaptation for instructor based training that’s in a class by itself.

insturctor based training adapted for a culturally diverse training session

In order for in class instruction to be successful, three elements have to be in place:

  • The content must be compelling
  • The instructor has to be engaging
  • The audience needs to connect with all of the above

Our CQ process is designed to culturally adapt instructor based training to achieve these goals. Increasing the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of your curriculum starts with an analysis of your desired outcomes, which is then matched up with the learning styles of the country, region or group of learners you are training.

In order for your investment in training to be effective and efficient in every market where you do business, it is imperative that the content takes into account the cultural nuances of your audience.

As we localize your training content, our CQ process goes beyond translation, to take into account such details as available technology and materials, learning styles and class-sizes. We also have the cultural expertise to advise you on instructor selection criteria such as familiarity with the culture, gender preference, subject- matter expertise and presentation style.

Instructor led training on a global scale requires a large investment. In order for that investment to pay off, all learners will need to achieve the same learning outcomes, on the same timetable as you move from market to market.

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