Software localization in any language.

CQ fluency offers software localization in over 150 languages allowing you to launch and update software to users anywhere in the world, simultaneously. We can provide software localization of standalone and web applications as well as operating systems and applications for hardware and embedded devices.

Our industry knowledge and technology platforms ensure that wherever it is implemented, software functions precisely as intended, adapted with both the end users language and culture in mind.

We have over 2,500 linguists worldwide with experience translating user interfaces, software documentation and help files which ensures a consistent user experience throughout the stages of software localization.

Our teams ensure that whether running a medical device or an app on a tablet or PC, your software is localized with attention to every detail.

Our capabilities include:

  • Extensive functional linguistic testing
  • Provisions for quality and capacity issues as scope of languages and cultures expand
  • In-market deployment of our expert team and technology
  • Team integration with providers of systems, programs and devices
  • Strict oversight during development cycle to facilitate near-simultaneous release dates for source and target language versions
  • Scalable, flexible and cost-efficient offerings

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Software projects we handle:

Website Localization

Mobile Apps

User Interface



Online Help

Technical Documentation

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