Rich content that engages across cultures.

When your project contains multimedia components that will reach a global audience, success can only be achieved if the meaning captures and connects with your target audience.

More than ever content is being developed utilizing multimedia technologies which include audio/video, animation and rich media. However, not all of these components are successfully localized and thus much is “lost in the translation.”

Whether you are developing eLearning programs, online presentations or even film projects, our expert linguists at CQ fluency can provide you with culturally intelligent solutions that meet complex multimedia localization requirements.

Our state of the art project management systems can efficiently manage the various activities and resources needed to complete these projects on time, on budget, and with focus on cultural relevance.

Our multimedia localization team utilizes a global network of resources that includes state of the art studio facilities, voice-over talents and multimedia production professionals with expertise in the latest hardware and software recording, editing and mastering solutions.

We work with all major design and publishing applications across PC and Mac operating systems.  The result is beautifully executed materials that blend cultural expertise, cutting-edge technology and an unparalleled CQ Care personalized experience. If it’s important to you to ensure your multimedia components succeed in all markets, let us tell you more about how Cultural Intelligence (CQ) can assure the success of your next project.

Our capabilities:

  • Multilingual voice-overs
  • Culturally relevant audio script transcreation
  • Audio script translation and transcription
  • Multilingual subtitling
  • Video production
  • Image and animation localization
  • Cultural Adaptation of content

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