Cultural adaptation for the global marketplace.

In today’s connected world, the need to communicate effectively with people from diverse cultures, races, faiths and nationalities has increased exponentially.

Whether it’s introducing your brand or product to the world, working within ethnic communities on a grassroots level or managing global PR campaigns, our cultural adaptation services ensure your communication engages audiences, regardless of language or location. To achieve that, we don’t simply translate content, because language is just one part of the overall communication process. Instead we culturally adapt your message to increase audience engagement and your presence within ethnic communities in the US and around the world.

At the very core, CQ is a different way of thinking that blends meaning and feeling to create effective communications that transcend words and engages hearts and minds. The benefit to our clients is what we call our culturally intelligent approach – the knowledge that the way you communicate is fully accepted by your target audience, increasing your organization’s credibility and opportunities in any language or location.

Our cultural adaptation capabilities include:

  • Strategic Plans and Research Studies
  • Media Plans
  • Broad-reach Communications
  • TV, Radio, Print, Above the Line
  • Digital Communications
  • Web and Mobile Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Social Networks
  • Community Management
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Projects we handle:

Multicultural Advertising

In order for your marketing & advertising to resonate and create deeper connections with your ethnic audiences, your messaging needs to be culturally adapted from a strategic, visual and linguistic standpoint. We provide cultural adaptation to Ad Agencies to help them understand demographics and cultural considerations for new and existing markets.

Government Outreach

We provide government agencies with cultural adaptation services that enable implementation of effective outreach and public education programs for LEP (Limited English Proficiency) constituencies. We ensure that cultural norms, traditions and sensitivities are also considered in order to connect most effectively with your target audience.

Training Adaptation

CQ fluency offers in depth cultural adaptation for training projects with very rich cultural content. We consult with you on your training and development materials to ensure they align with your audience’s cultural values, educational system, language usage and learning preferences.

Corporate Communications

Our cultural adaptation process includes corporate communications to help increase employee engagement worldwide. By increasing your cultural intelligence, your communications will become more effective and your organization will become more efficient.

Clinical Trials

Multinational clinical trials require linguistic validation of Patient Report Outcomes (PROs) that are semantically and conceptually equivalent to the source and culturally meaningful to target patients. Our cultural adaptation services help smooth and streamline the linguistic validation process, reducing time spent on harmonization and amends.

Website Localization

Translation of websitessoftwareaudio and video often requires cultural adaptation in order to be globally equivalent, not just locally relevant. Our cultural adaptation services ensure all your online content speaks to a local audience while remaining consistent with your global online presence.