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Regardless of the industry you work in or the project you are currently focused on, having your product reliably localized into the proper market language will become a crucial factor to your end product.

Having products localized for multiple markets is of extremely great importance for companies that wish to expand their international reach. Large portions of their profits are often generated from international customers, which stresses the need to develop custom versions of their products to meet the requirements of the customers they serve locally.

Even if your company isn’t huge, smaller companies that wish to break out internationally will quickly realize how important fast and reliable localization of their products can be for both their reputation, and their revenue.

Professional interpretation, wherever and whenever you need it.

Whether it is an international conference, business meeting with your overseas partners, a visit from a foreign delegation, or communicating with a patient, CQ fluency can help you create connections that cross both cultures and languages.

CQ fluency provides simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in more than 150 languages to healthcare, life sciences and government organizations.

The importance of interpretation and understanding the difference between translation is crucial in getting the right people.  The skills, language knowledge, and training are very different in the two linguistic methods.  While translators work with written text and interpreters work with spoken language, both require cultural insight and specific knowledge in the subject matter.  Interpretation requires a special communication skill set that includes remarkable listening, memorization, subject matter knowledge, as well as mastery level public speaking abilities.

Our network of professional interpreters are native speakers of the target language and have recognized industry or subject matter expertise.

Our interpreters are accredited by internationally recognized organizations, such as the United Nations, U.S. State Department and the American Translation Association. They are rigorously selected and continuously tested by CQ fluency to strict guidelines.

Our Services:

Multicultural Advertising

From medical records to product packaging, our document translation and DTP teams can help you translate and publish in over 150 languages.

Website & Mobile App Localization

Whether you are starting afresh, updating legacy websites, or developing a mobile app, our localization teams ensure online success whatever the language.

Software Localization

Our software localization teams ensure that whether on the web or on a hardware device, every detail of your software speaks to both the language and culture of your end users.

Multimedia Localization

We work with all major content creation applications, blending cultural expertise, cutting-edge technology to create an unparalleled end user experience.

Training Localization

CQ fluency delivers localized training content that retains it’s original meaning, impact and objectives, perfectly tailored to the local language and culture of your students.

eLearning Localization

Our eLearning localization experts ensure that all learners are able to achieve the same educational outcomes, on the same timetable, with the same effort.

Phone Interpretation

No matter the language or time of day, our phone interpretation services are charged at a flat per- minute rate, serving your customers whenever they need it.

Video Remote Interpretation

On-demand video interpretation services from any device, leaving room for non-verbal cues and cultivating a human connection.

On-Site Interpretation

CQ fluency provides turnkey solutions that are uncomplicated, quickly accessible, and customizable to the size of the audience anywhere in the world.

Webcast Interpretation

We provide global organizations, using webinars and webcasts, the ability to communicate with employees around the world in real time, easily overcoming language barriers.


Our expert transcriptionists, linguists and QA specialists ensure your alternate formats are compliant and help you expand the reach of your communication.

Clinical Trials Translations

Our highly qualified, in-country linguists are subject matter experts to ensure technical accuracy, compliance and cultural relevance for optimal engagement for your clinical trial.

Clinical Labeling

We have an intricate understanding of labeling regulations and deliver global clinical labeling solutions that protect your patients through identification, traceability, proper use instructions and more.

“Our success depends on ensuring that our members are at all times perfectly informed of the progress of the negotiations we conduct on their behalf. We work around the clock, through nights and week-ends to get the job done, and we need a translations company that is willing to work alongside with us.”

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