On Site interpretation: Cultural connections that work!

In a global village, on site interpretation can build spontaneous face-to-face connections.  CQ fluency provides turnkey solutions that are uncomplicated, quickly accessible, and customizable to the size of the audience anywhere in the world.

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in over 80 languages.

CQ fluency consecutive interpretation

Ideal for question-and-answer type conversations, such as a doctor visit or legal proceedings, consecutive interpretation involves the individual translation language and cultural nuance of each comment during a back-and-forth exchange.

This requires interpreters who:

  • Are highly skilled in the art of cultural sensitivity
  • Pay close attention to nuances, dialects and expression
  • Have strong familiarity for the subject matter


On site interpretation frequently serves as a cultural clarifier of traditions and ideas that may exist only in one language or culture.

CQ fluency simultaneous interpretation

Unlike consecutive on site interpretation, simultaneous on site interpretation is performed during the exchange with no pauses for translation. It is ideal for meetings and conferences of all sizes, supports multiple languages, and typically includes the use of headsets for foreign language listeners.

The ability to speak while one is listening requires a very high degree of skill and experience.  Our simultaneous interpreters are recruited using a very stringent process that identifies their experience, language skills, and familiarity with the subject matter and terminology in both languages.

Our clients experience personalized CQ Care by directly interacting with a project manager who has turnkey responsibility for each assignment.  Our project managers draw from our global interpreter network to get the right linguist with minimal travel costs.  In addition, we have the capacity to rapidly deploy wireless headsets and interpretation equipment on a global scale – ensuring that you get what you need, when you need it.

If you are planning a webcast, you may want to consider our highly cost-effective proprietary solution for multilingual webcasts.

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