Webcast interpretation: Connecting cultures in real time.

Connecting with audiences in real time over the web has never been easier thanks to CQ fluency’s webcast interpretation solution. We provide global organizations using webinars and webcasts the ability to communicate with employees around the world in real time, easily overcoming language barriers.

Two major issues associated with multi-language webcast interpretation are lead time and interpreter cost. Our solution focuses precisely on solving these issues. Rather than transport interpreters to the webcast, our interpreters work from their own offices around the world.  This model offers several benefits:

  • Elimination of travel costs
  • No need for on-site interpreter equipment
  • Shorter lead-time needed to organize projects


The savings for a typical webcast interpretation project can range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Our webcast interpretation service has been successfully used for audiences ranging from 50 people to as large as 5,000 — in 12 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Hindi.  We are committed to removing cultural barriers so communication is global yet truly local.

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Webcast projects we handle:

Employee Business Briefings

Global Awards

Merger Information

New Product Introductions

Seminars and Workshops

Senior Management Reviews

Supply Chain Management

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