Answering the call in any language

When serving customers and clients over the phone, language barriers may sometimes prove daunting. CQ fluency offers professional phone interpretation services that remove that barrier. Our services help you to:

  • Acquire new customers and retain those you have
  • Lower costs –  reducing customer service agent time with non-English speakers
  • Comply with regulations regarding LEP (Limited English Proficiency) populations


Using a transparent 3-way conversation process, CQ fluency phone interpretation services provide immediate, fluent two-way communication, allowing you to provide outstanding customer service regardless of language differences. Our service features include:

  • 24/7 access to a live operator providing personal assistance
  • Over 200 language choices
  • Interpreters who are familiar with cultural nuances and industry-specific terminology
  • Average connection time is just 18 seconds – with an average of 10 for Spanish
  • 100% U.S.-based interpreters


And no matter the language or time of day, our phone interpretation services are charged at a flat per- minute rate through customized billing that provides just the right level of detail.

“On Hold”message in several languages

When using an interpretation service, it can sometimes be difficult to let the client know over the phone that you are connecting them with their interpreter so that the call may continue. To avoid frustration and save time for both parties we have interpreted, “Please hold while we connect with an interpreter,” in the following 12 languages.

Please hold for your interpreter

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“…The interpreter did a superb job handling this situation. This situation could have easily turned into a problem that security would have had to handle had we not had an available interpreter with such patience and understanding. The interpreter not only understood the patient’s concerns, but remained calm, focused and unbiased. The extra steps she took to help resolve the matter made the outcome what it was, positive and resolved. And again, accolades to the interpreter for her patience, appropriate injections of humor and calming voice tone.”

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