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From clinical trial research, regulatory submissions, and clinical labeling, navigating the global pharmaceutical landscape commands intricate knowledge and familiarity with different regulatory requirements and corresponding terminologies. CQ fluency delivers complete medical and technical accuracy with subscriptions to essential templates and glossaries of standard medical terminology for translation of pharmaceutical materials, including the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM) database, and the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities (MedDRA). This ensures:

  • Full compliance with continually evolving regulatory requirements
  • Employment of clinically validated, fully harmonized terminology
  • Optimized translation quality in short turnaround times


Our formula for targeted life sciences communication development includes several key ingredients.

  • Relationships with over 1500 life sciences expert linguists worldwide
  • Industry-leading dedication to accuracy
  • Ability to handle even the most demanding assignments
  • Strict adherence to your timetable and budget


Our full suite of pharmaceutical and life sciences solutions include:

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Supporting global players in the pharmaceutical industry and getting their messages to market takes the right mix of skill and cultural sensitivity. CQ fluency has mastered this. We carefully craft effective pharmaceutical communications ensuring the results are:

  • Understandable to the average consumer – regardless of cultural background
  • Informative to the medical profession in diverse markets
  • Medically and technically accurate
  • Compliant with a continually evolving regulatory landscape


Translatability Assessment

A translatability assessment should be performed on patient-facing instruments before they are final.  This is to ensure that future translations can be conceptually equivalent to the source text while also being culturally and linguistically appropriate for your target markets.  This prevents any future issues in pooling and comparing equivalent data.

Our holistic approach includes a review of culture cues such as tone, images, gender implications, food, humor, sequence, acronym, idioms and descriptions of medical terms that don’t exist in target languages.  We also prepare our linguist team on what to look out for and provide the rationale. This helps eliminate unintentional ambiguities or unnecessary complexity.

That’s why many well-known life sciences companies trust CQ fluency to expand their voice and increase market share. In fact, we were honored during Merck’s 2019 Power of Inclusion Awards Ceremony as a supplier who has “demonstrated exemplary performance and exceptional growth in contribution to the business.”

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