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ELearning localization enables you to provide quality distance learning opportunities for employees anywhere in the world. In order for your eLearning platform to be effective and efficient in every market you do business, it is imperative that the content takes into account the culture of your global audiences. This is particularly important when there is no local instructor who could act as a cultural facilitator when delivering translated material.

Many eLearning initiatives have fallen short due to the fact that developers did not take into account the cultural differences of the audience they were attempting to train. A large investment in global training should not be wasted because it simply could not engage the audience.

Our eLearning localization process is designed to increase Cultural Intelligence in the development phase of eLearning. Our CQ analysis will identify those cultural nuances which need to be addressed so that your content is embraced by your learners, and your investment in training is successful.

As we localize your eLearning content, our CQ process goes beyond translation, to take into account such details as available technology, individual values and learning styles with visual presentation. Your materials are not only technically converted, they are culturally converted to seamlessly adapt to your global audiences.

Our linguists are stringently vetted so that we can offer eLearning localization performed by trained professionals in your industry, and cultural experts in the markets in which you do business.

Our CQ project management system, and state of the art technology keeps your eLearning localization effort on time and on budget.

When it comes to eLearning localization, your goals are our goals. We want to ensure that all learners are able to achieve the same educational outcomes, on the same timetable, with the same effort. That’s getting it right, and getting it global.

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