How Medicare Advantage Providers Can Increase Accessibility and Health Equity in Line With Predictions For the Future of Complex Care

It is no surprise that cultural and linguistic barriers have huge impacts on the quality of physical and mental health care patients receive in the United States. This is especially true with BCNs, Beneficiaries with Complex Care Needs. These beneficiaries have cases in which their health and social conditions have contributed to an increase in […]

Healthcare Translation Services Compliance and Risk Management

  In 2020, a Chicago private health insurer fell under scrutiny after numerous safety concerns arose during open enrollment. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) determined that the insurer had threatened their patients’ health and safety with widespread system failures as well as sharing false information with prospective members. The CMS prohibited this […]

CQ fluency’s TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) Process 

The Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) gives Medicare beneficiaries the opportunity to evaluate their current health insurance coverage and make any changes they deem necessary. Sometimes known as the Medicare Fall Open Enrollment Period or the Annual Election Period, AEP runs from October 15th – December 7th each year, in accordance with guidelines set […]

Get Ahead of AEP 2022

After overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19, you’re in a great position to determine which strategies will help you streamline next year’s AEP season. As the impact of the pandemic continues into 2021, broker meetings and seminars will go virtual once again. That means you’ll need to determine how to digitally connect with all beneficiaries—including […]

AEP Toolkit: The Role of Version Control

With uncertainty around approval times, ensuring you are working with a robust version control process is critical to ensuring compliance with CMS guidelines. The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) for 2021 is almost upon us, and it is important for potential members to fully understand their plan options and benefits. Connecting with the steadily growing […]